1. Thank you so much for doing this. My sweet rescue dog was saved after being abandoned during a hurricane. While our he was stuck in flood water and attacked by other loose dogs. He is extremely reactive to thunder, and now rain. He shakes, drools runs around fro me to any tight space never stopping. I'm afraid he's going to have a heart attack it gets worse every year. I've been to two vets who have given me Pharmaceutical pills, that only seemed to make his anxiety even worse, I tried Thunder Suit, it didn't help. I really want to help my dog feel safe

  2. I am in RI
    I would love a veterinary team but unfortunately I can't find that here. I am really not happy about my options. I can't find a holistic integrative vet, can't find vet chiropractor, can't find someone who can do massage.

  3. Hi my Little mini dachshund gets anxious when I leave him home alone, when I take him to a place where there are too many people and too many dogs, when he is going out with me in my car until he reaches the destination, he is making weird anxious sounds. Once we get there he is fine and coming back home is fine as well. All other times he is fine as I work from home. What can I do about this situation? I have to leave him to a carer for 25 days, going to see my 94 year old dad, am very worried how he will survive.

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