1. So, let me get this straight. He was an upstanding trustworthy guy and his neighbors were respectful and friendly with him, up until they discovered he was achieving financial independence and denying big pharma their unfair share of money they didn't earn. That is the only reason why pot is illegal….because big pharma will lose money when you no longer need their chemicals and big brother cannot regulate it so as to steal your hard earned money as easily as they can from a paycheck. That's it. Fuq the government and fuq their little under table friends (big pharma).

  2. They're really fighting the good fight against the scourge of marijuana addiction. Little Rock is a crime infested shithole, yet somehow arresting a 71-year-old for cannabis is more important. Those assholes should be ashamed of themselves. What they did was take someone's property away at gunpoint.

  3. Not like he is gonna blow up the neighborhood with a meth lab not like he's gonna hurt people growing weed weed is non harmful every fucking body in this world smokes or smoked weed this guy didn't harm a damn person weed is harmless its bs

  4. The look in that old mans eyes, if you can't decipher it, you have no humanity and are the very person Christ hoped to enlighten.
    “Give me your tired, your poor; your huddled masses yearning to breathe free; the wretched refuse of your teeming shore; send these, the homeless, tempest-tossed to me. I lift my lamp beside the golden door.”

  5. They altered the federal laws and state laws where it's illegal to not reflect number of plants, but rather "aggregate weight" so as to make the busts seem more meaningful(?) and serious.

    A 16 foot high (likely oldschool sativa)…my guess is if you divide that 100 pounds by 5 that's probably the weight of each plant, rootball, leaves and all. 80-85% of the weight being leaves, water, stems and roots…. 15% of that weight is the actual usable cannabis flower – and on top of that, ITS NOT EVEN DRIED YET! So has yet to loose another 70% of it's weight. It's exponentially insane ! ! !

    Not only that, they estimate the street market value usually based on that aggregate weight, when in reality it would be 15% of that (divided by another 70% because it's still fresh not dried), nobody buys sweet leaf, stems and rootballs lmao – just flowers. yet again more evidence of corruption over genuinely minuscule amounts, preying on the ignorance of those who have no idea about cannabis (and they shouldn't have to, but if they are going to speak up on it or be against it, they damn well should understand this, to recognize deception they are falling into!)

    This is just evil and what the news has done by not even mentioning this and catering to a lifestyle of bootlicking, is just as evil. This old man got Vince Cartered over nothing, has been put in debt as a result and royally screwed over, and his clown a$$ neighbors are none the better to not stick up for him at all.

    Literally probably only a pound to 3 pounds of actual usable product. Guys like this at his age DONT SMOKE typically, and grow those old big tree's that are typically weak, and just simply want to be able to make some cookies and enjoy their WELL DESERVED retirement doing what they love, while NOT IN PAIN. This is so messed up.

    and it's happening literally every day ever since they altered the law, and made it even easier for them to raid you based on fabricated/petty "tips" stemming from police-synchronicity. If someone doesn't like that you have guns, and knows of any of your vices – your screwed. If you don't have guns and someone knows of your vices, they can say they saw you with a gun and smelled like weed. So many other bullshit things they can do. The ONLY way to fix this is federal legalization, because that's where the amendments were made in recent years that really screw you over absolutely NOTHING. YOU WANT TO BE HEALTHY AND JUST EAT IT, and not have to spend 50 bucks a day to eat it, GOOD LUCK!!! Stick to smoking it because you are a peasant, don't dare defund the actual druglords, keep buying from them instead. and don't you even dare thinkg about growing a few plants, their aggregate weight will be deemed the same as possession amounts/misdemeanor-felony brackets, but 85% of it will be less than 4% THC. I'm so paranoid, I have to drive a state over just to buy stuff legally, and am forced to smoke or vaporize it for my personal reasons. and when I have vivid dreams, its always of the day I can grow enough legally to eat daily and make RSO for personal issues. Until then I have to pay 300 bucks for crap I could grow for 30 bucks+time (time well enjoyed no doubt).

    If anyone reads this, please remember the aggregate weight. Please. Spread the word, things are worse now than they were circa 2000, and we are walking around like its all better because the states that have legalized. push the bureaucrats to at least revert federal laws back to being plant # based for cultivation, NOT aggregate weight. They are milking us through old men like this poor guy, who they then use as a poster child, defame, and tarnish the reputations of with blatantly ignorant news. It's appalling and so wrong, almost like they are asking you to leave America if you wish to live your own life and not support dealers who sell mystery weed and get offered other drugs or given free stuff to try and get you hooked. They want your kids to have health issues so they can be chatel to keep THEIR gears spinning economically (not the govts, i'm talking about the forces behind these political parties that have their hand in the big drug markets both pharmaceutical and illegally. This old man is their biggest fear, the self reliant non-spender; gotta nip that right in the bud to keep their markets stable from personal growers not having to interact with dealers just to get their flower.

    EDIT: If you delete this/censor me, you'll validate my claim of evil. Leave it up KARK and help make a GOOD dent for once

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