How To Make A CBD E-Cig Vape Juice From Scratch

A quick guide for how to make a CBD e-liquid vape juice with medicinal hemp. Like the content? Then check out The Absolute …


  1. There's a big problem your double heating your cbd flower losing strength 💪, if you just boiled the cbd in the hot Mason jar it will activate the cbd either way just a tip.

  2. Reducing Bacardi 151 in a pan by itself doesn't leave you with nothing… adding in decarboxylated cannabis doesn't change that fact. This is because Bacardi 151 is not 100% pure ethanol. Only the alcohol and water reduce away.

    Paused at the moment when you said "now all that's left is to reduce the CBD tincture until that's all that's left"… now resuming the vid.

  3. Would like better if it was all organic. VG & PG are something I dont want in my vape. If I'm using CBD for medicinal reasons I dont want the other ingredients that are not fully tested as safe for vaping. Thats just me though.

  4. This guy usually has good info on growing but I wouldn't try to reproduce this experiment the way he does it in this video. Namely, skipping many steps by using BHO or rosin, but if using flower I'd bring the following changes:

    I'd personally skip decarboxylation because it affects taste a lot and the tincture will be heated later for alcohol evaporation anyway (I do decarb when I make tincture meant for edibles though);
    Use a cleaner and higher proof alcohol like Everclear (I wouldn't want to vape an extract made from an alcohol like rum which may have residual sugars or other stuff in it) and use only enough to cover the flower;
    Not cooking the tincture for that long of a period but rather increasing its temperature until it bubbles, shaking it thoroughly in the mason jar, letting it sit for 20-30 minutes while shaking it a few times, heating again and then filtering before the evaporation process;
    I don't know much about PG and VG ratios since I'm not into mod vaping, but these seem to be interesting variables to play with (also, many steps may be skipped if dissolving shatter/BHO/wax/rosin straight into the VG;
    Use a higher-quality vape with some control over the heat in order to find the sweet spot between flavour and effect.

    From the looks of it, he was doing it for the first time in that video, so I wouldn't hold any of that against him because the information he tells seems accurate to me while only his methods can seem questionable.

  5. Yo Guys The Best way is to make dabs and add those freeze buds and take like everclear and swish it for 1 min no need to cook buds lol there heated in vape I think 1gram dab to liquid should be ok vegtible glicern is 2.99 at walmart

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