1. rofl………lol…..booby trapped with weapons of mass destruction,,,canabis is bad for you it turns you into a canibiniod,,,,that's a human canibal, it all so stunts your growth it even makes you smaller, ask small people how they got that way! If you walk past a plant in the forest and you don't know,,,all your pubic hair falls out and then grows back on the palms of your hands

  2. If I find some marijuana, I'm sharing it with all my fellow Wisconsinites.

    Marijuana is GOOD for the environment anyways. Marijuana fields eat up carbon dioxide faster than we can produce it. We should be growing it everywhere!

    I don't agree with what cartels are doing with chemicals, but that's the problem with prohibition. It makes a harmless plant illegal to grow and so it's become an unregulated industry that's been thriving ever since prohibition started.

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