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  2. SB57 allows 3/10 per-cent(30/100=.3). Agriculture is the department with a slightly odd use of a symbol after clearly the state took the effort to unhyphen/un-conjoin per-cent. If you're not growing 1,000 plants, have 1,000 indoor Sq ft., or minimal acreage, you can't package and sell cannabis to public having up to three-tenths THC per cent (.3% of 1.00). An agricultural policy doesn't supercede Ohio law. That's the SB57 that DeWine signed. The same use other states have with recreational. You are an individual along with university research for home grow, it's not tax based. Licensed cultivation is different than growing something the state allows sold/purchased and is clearly covered within SB57 legal possession. Cultivate and grow are commonly synonyms, but they each have distinct meaning. SB57 already allows non commercial use and the bill intended, as shown in the Senate version places marijuana (smoked cannabis) within hemp. While obviously smoke inhalation has no medical value(two separate bills/laws).

    It does take a couple/few days and roughly 6 dictionaries to validate their wording, but they definitely legalized 'up to' 3/10 per unit(percent) of hemp as THC. SB57 is long past 90 days though. 3/10 per cent is equal to .3% and 30%. Which is dry weight. They don't allow 30%THC by volume of a bottle of wine becouse if it dries, the THC is over 30%.

  3. πŸ†”οΈπŸ”ž&πŸ‘dont go legal..its a trap. States use swat teams to protect their cannabis..no different that so called drug dealers..if your a true smoker. Legalization is not what you think.a lot of idiots who know nothing about cannabis will vote yes cause they think it's cool to be able to buy state cannabis..state cannabis causes chs..look up chs if you smoke cannabis and have stomach problems.

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