1. I commend all of your efforts but your fur baby needs specific herbs I did not hear any of them mentioned in your videos.. please look up Renee Casey pet cancer is from Canada you can Google it peace and blessings

  2. You re the best Syyenergy ! Kitty s had a hard time, wishing the best! I saw another screw tube channel that got demonitized and he switched to alt channel, thought maybe you could switch over…..Good Luck!

  3. Great work! Sweet baby. I agree cats are more important than anything else. I have 7. Maybe? the people who loves cats are somehow related to other star systems where cats are Gods! Maybe? Anyhoo, sending prayers and love. Please stay on YouTube so that we can get your wisdom.

  4. This is satanic- took me when in hospital and put wbans in me when I was under. Total body area network. You get up to200 c hips in your body – they send me frequencies through my body. Often times it is torture – I'm being sodomized 24/7. They are trying hard to kill me. Cut brakes in car already. I'm trying to save cats up here cuz they shoot cats that don't have collars. They have killed about 20 cats/ kittens – several left dead on my door steps. They did everything to not treat me, falsify my records and tryand even kill me.Part of my story on Ramola D Reports – Report #45. They have red fl@ g laws on now taken ppl in secret for yrs. I hope your cat survives

  5. if animal dont make poop it can mean tumors in the intestines, which means that it can't defecate, which poisons the organism and the animal may die not by cancer but by poisoning and embolism

  6. I always believed that the cure for cancer was well known many years ago but it will never be known by US because too many of the evil people who run the show including politicians who get kickbacks from Big Pharma get drunk as pigs off of the billions in cancer research every year. And cancer is a great way to keep the population down, right?

  7. SYNERY,
    You are being watched.
    You know WHO is hoping the cat will die.
    But if the cat is cured- You will be taken off YouTube
    I hope the Cat is cured.
    Sending the cat RIEKI HEALING come me and all your well wishers.

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