1. Firstly
    No we can not see the tricombs
    The plant has barley started flowering so NO its not dense. And lastly bruh, talking out your ass on YT is not going to make you cool. The only ones who will respond positively are other ignorant dumb dumbs who have less knowledge than yourself. Think before you post bud.

  2. Very well done. Ive had a few successful outdoor grows with zero nutrients as well. Think lighting and humidity plays the largest role in their success.. Foliar feed with a banana tea. Forget the expensive stuff trust me 👍

  3. Don’t get me wrong with proper nutes and lighting yes you’ll def come up with more healthy and overall potent strains especially with the crazy shit they have today …but overall modern growers def over exaggerate with what you’ll need. Some soil, water and light is def all you’ll need.

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