CBDistillery CBD Vape Pen Grand Daddy Purple Review and cbd distillery Coupon Discount Code

CBDistillery CBD Vape Pen Grand Daddy Purple Review and Coupon Discount Code I ordered this product on DrGanja.com they …


  1. Dr Ganja products suck!!!
    Outdated certificate and mold in the flower. You want some fresh stuff, Go to a real farm. "Tweedle farms", or "Cbd hemp direct". Good quality, great prices and straight from the farm. Why go through a third party vendor. Dr Ganja gets two thumbs down. 👎👎

  2. I am very new ; I found your video b/c I had no idea how to vape. Do u throw it away after its done. Using for chronic pain, profound gastroparesis, autoimmune junk

  3. About to order the 1000mg ejuice for vape. So how effective is this for you? I think the pens are 200mg so does it calm you down, make you sleepy, energy, pain? I have several chronic illnesses and was hoping these products could help alleviate symptoms

  4. Hello, approximately how long does the disposable vape pen last? Is it a one time use thing? And can it die before the oil is all used up? I’m new to this, thanks!

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