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  1. The price of Bitcoin just hit $LXIV,CCXCVII for the first time ever in a historic milestone for the world’s most popular cryptocurrency. Both institutions and high-net-worth investors are starting to acknowledge Bitcoin as a store of value and as a treasury asset. Happy to be a partaker of such a change in the world of crypto, some hodlers may be happy at the moment due to the rise, although you aren't supposed to be emotionally entangled with the market charts. That's why it was never second-guessing when an opportunity as crypto tradlng came my way. "Why hold a currency you can multiply or grow?" With much energy channeled into tradlng the currency daily with unique slgnals, it was no surprise how my portfolio went from 3 Btc to 17 Btc in a year. I will always advlse anyone who just started dealing with bitcoin or old holders, Trad e people! It is truly easy, only requires your time. I registered with a Crypto mentor on Te.leqram mssngr who helped me grow my crypto portfoIio all the way to the top. @kimbrian65 on Te.leqram or wh*ts*pp + 1 4 1 3 3 7 0 3 2 1 0 made my year.

  2. I love the Snoop Doggy Dog Treats. Gidget (Our Teddy Bear Dog) turned 14 in February – the Vet told us to get her on CBD for joint health a couple of years ago…she is happy, calm, loves to play and can continue to do stairs and is doing GREAT! We buy them from the Vet – I have to check if they come from this company. And please tell Barb to get the Scooby Snacks for her poodle.

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