CBD Hemp Oil For Anxiety (watch me take it!)

In this video I try CBD Oil (Cannabidiol Hemp Oil) to see if it helps with my anxiety. I struggle with anxiety in addition to BPD and …


  1. I just got some oil this is my first time using I've been on all meds for it but I want off them, this is the first video I've looked up for advice but WTF! Is wrong with all you idiots you all are fucking pathetic making fun of this girl anxiety is no joke and I hope all you that dissed her have the worst anxiety attack and die even though you won't but you'll feel like you're are better believe it MOFOS!!! I know this is an old video but do your thing girl you're awesome 💯✌️

  2. So you have no idea what you're talking about… you've just taken 10 times the amount of something you haven't done 5 minutes of research on .. before taking this you should at least know about THC and how much it contains ..

  3. The people in your comment section are retarded, I take 5000mg in 3 weeks
    167mg per ounce is 5000mg. Whoever is telling you 3 drops is out of there minds
    I take 2 to 3 full droppers full 2 to 3 times a day, if you listened to these idiots in your
    Comments you would never fell a thing and waste your money. My 167 mg bottle cost
    220 dollars and last me 3 weeks.

  4. You do take the full dropper!!! And also depends on everyone and what they need and their pain and so on. But a drop to three you will 100% need more I can promise you that. Definitely within 30 minutes it’ll help. But yes serious patients spend the money on the CBD oil droppers that’s for sure because it’s no cheap and there’s no high so YES start off with a full dropper full. Mine is 1 ml so that’s probably what she meant now 100 lol. .9 ML is what ends up actually in my mouth since the oil only goes so far up in the dropper. But like I said you can spend more and have more blah blah. I will have to make a video because I’m to lazy to type everything out

  5. Calm down everyone, she's taking 2 full pipettes of a VERY low strength CBD oil – Each 10ml is 200 drops, the strength on the bottle is for the entire bottle, if she had a 30ml bottle its 600 drops total 100mg (0.17mg per drop). The recommended dosage is actually 20mg twice a day so you want to ideally aim for a 700mg-1500mg bottle (10ml are best)

  6. I take CBD oil for my anxiety and severe back pain. I did THOROUGH research about what i am putting into my system. You can't even remember THC, which obviously we think you have just bought it because ooh cbd oil helps with anxiety. I think it's best if you say in your video, please do research if you're going to try this, consult with a doctor as well about what all you can do about your stress and anxiety and back pain. Because if you don't have a healthy diet, if you just say in your bed and not exercise, then most likely you should get a healthy lifestyle before you consider taking cbd oil. Maybe that isn't the case for you, but PLEASE do your research, consult with professionals. It is benefiting me, i am a dental assistant, my back pain is so bad, i have scoliosis, many things wrong with my spine that i have found no cure for. I don't want to take pills all day for this issue either. I can't stress enough. DO YOUR RESEARCH. Not because some lady on Youtube told you you should try it if you have anxiety, etc etc. I mean no hate towards you Brittany, but, just urge people to do research.

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