First Time Smoking CBD For My Anxiety! * MIND BLOWN *

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  1. You were instantly calm! I tried cbd vaping for the first time a few days ago because of crippling anxiety. I experienced everything you're describing for the first time. 😂😊

  2. I've been using Charlotte's Web oil for almost a year now and has it completely changed my life. My anxiety started when I was 6 and was coping with it forever. 9 years ago I became chronically ill and everything got exponentially worse. The first time I tried the oil I cried. I can totally relate to your experience of the mind wanting to cause panic while the body is slowing down to a "normal" calm level. It took me about a month of consistent usage to see the full effects. I take it every day for my mind and my physical well-being and it has changed everything. For so long I experienced so many issues without anything to help but cbd (and thc) finally gave me a tool to combat my issues. I wish you so much luck moving forward and I hope it helps you to find greater peace in your life.

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