1. Dang, Guys…you guys are so far under…especially Martin, hardly able to speak…obviously under the influence.
    I agree with marijuana being wrongly assaulted since appropriate 1915 in the us…different history from Martin's….but results the same.
    Marijuana is vilified by the govt….but alcohol which has caused millions of death is approved by govt, and tobacco which has millions of deaths is approved by the govt. Marijuauna…by research has caused no deaths in the same time period..decades. Grossly improper. The govt in its twisted action…bought off by pharmaceutal companies and the massive numbers of hypocritical politicians…." do as I say, not as I do ."
    I appreciate your info…but Martin, you are so blown away…that you are not doing the attemp to change any favors …with slurred speaking and thinking. Suggest you not get sooo relaxed that you have a hard time speaking.
    Realizing you will delete this comment….but, really..try to be not blown away on camera.

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