1. hi there I am a youtube content creator and I would be honored if I can review and post up a video about the dazzvape u-key and how it works with real-world use and edc to see if it can withstand normal wear and tear!

    would you be interested and able to spare a black artistic unit with the skull? i have more time on my hands recently and really want to focus on a whole suite of different youtube topics and the different content I can produce since i cant go2 work at the moment…

    please let me know if we can work something out, I can help advertise your product, and this different content will all help to expand my subscriber base and help my channel grow so that I can more effectively advertise and help out different companies I work with and the different types of content and product reviews that I am trying to create to diversify my channel!

    i would love to hear from you feel free to reach out i can give u a contact number, or feel free to reach out on fb, instagram, twitter, twitch i try to keep the same username if possible it is pete88p… ill be here patiently waiting for your response.

    I can of course return the unit back to you if you like after i do a product review.. let me know if we can work something out to begin with… Thanks in advance, hope that you and those close to you are safe and remaining healhty! god speed,


  2. A few suggestions for your next design: Switch the plastic body out for metal, add a spot for key chain or a wrist strap, elongate the body just a little more to facilitate a 1 gram tank (slightly bigger battery?)… other than that, this is amazing and love it. Keep up the good work 🙂

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