LION’S MANE VS CBD FOR SLEEP – Oura Ring Data Review! Which Works Better?

In this video, I test out Lion’s Mane and CBD on my sleep to determine what works best using my Oura Ring data. I’ve been recording my sleep data for over a …


  1. You should have titled this video 'Lion's mane vs CBD + THC for sleep'. I believe there is scientific literature showing that THC can have a negative impact on REM sleep (and also demonstrated by your n=1 experiment). You should have used a pure CBD tincture. In my own experience, pure CBD seems to boost both my deep AND REM sleep. Also, I'm not sure where you're shopping for CBD, but here in Hawaii I'm able to get good quality CBD tinctures (a 250mg bottle) for about $10. Overall great video and thanks for sharing your results!

  2. Hi Katie. I think the dip on the 17th and 18th might not of been by starting the CBD, rather from the stopping the lions mane. And perhaps a two week washout between these natural substances should be considered. Ty for the awesome videos.

  3. CBD can mess up and decrease both estrogen and testosterone.
    So even though it helps with sleep it doesn't seem to improve you in the longterm.

  4. Hi! My REM sleep is horrible and I'd love to try Lions mane…Is there a specific time of day I should take it to optimize my sleep quality? Thank you for the great video!

  5. Cant believe you have that few subscribers producing such high quality content. You are amazing, keep doing a great work Katie! I am sure your channel will be huge very soon

  6. Lion's Mane and other mushrooms are adaptogens, meaning they take 1-2 months to take effect.
    You should also space out the time between testing the CBD after finishing the Lion's Mane, so the lingering effects ware off and aren't so pronounced perhaps.

  7. This is my experience. I take CBD + THC for my adrenals (as I've had chronic fatigue for 25 years). Works wonders, can't be without it. However discovered much of my fatigue came from eating gluten. So gave up all grains (felt much much better). As I was still on dairy and only just found out I was lactose intolerant, I kept having it and my stomach is now hurting, along with nerve pain (I'm sure it will repair).
    I also take Lion's Mane for a very deep sleep (for a chronic insomniac, I can now achieve 9 hours on Lion's Mane). It also keeps me in a deep sleep while I have stomach and nerve pain. I notice that while I have pain in the night, it hurts to turn on the bed (clenching teeth) – at least I can drift off into a deep sleep again until 7am because of the Lion's Mane.
    But by itself, I felt that the Lion's Mane made me feel as if I can't wake up the next day.
    Today, I took a Turkey Tail to get that 'wake up' feeling. I felt bright eyed and ready to go at around 10am. I'll continue with the LM at night, and TT in the morning.

  8. You can buy a block of lions mane mushroom for around $30 shipped. Grow it at home, dry it or eat it. And get a lot more and fresher. From the time you get the block to the time it finishes growing takes around a week or two. And it fun to watch………

  9. Great stuff I nerd out on stats, so once my ring comes in and I have a base line I think I will check how Lions Mane effects my sleep. Take this as a complement I never thought I'd get into videos about this stuff, but you make it interesting and educational in a fun way! I also have to get that book!

  10. That was great Katie! Very informative. I'm really interested in any pleiotropic effects of CBD and Lion's Mane. Did you notice a difference in cognition switching from one to the other. Any differences in wakefulness? How about exercise performance and recovery? Do you think either are better than my nightly growler of Nyquil?

  11. When did you take the Lion's Mane/CBD? Morning? Night? Both? How much? I am already looking to start with Lion's Mane (the one you used was recommended by Dave Asprey). I am not a fan of me on CBD. (or at least the ones I have tried) I would like to try the tincture you used but I get drug tested a lot and would rather not try to explain a positive test. Thanks for the video.

  12. I did learn something, the differences between how the CBD drops me into deep sleep (kind of makes my active dreaming take a back seat), vs The Lion's Mane works on REM sleep. I use CBD on the nights I have extra body pain from physically over doing it. Looking forward to the Lions mane from Wild Kingdom, arriving today. As I am older I can sure use the cognitive boost of the mushrooms. All very interesting. Thank you for education.
    Additionally, I like the Papa and Barkley brand because they are a CA based company and all their plants are grown natural sunlight. Nothing but MCT oil and cannabis. I like it clean. Also, under the tongue will give you faster absorption, hold it there for about 1 min.

  13. Thanks for the review and promo code! I just realized this Lions Mane is the same as that HUGE mushroom I found in our orchard a few weeks ago. Knew it was edible but didn't know the other possible perks! Ive been trying out CBD lately, and will definitely check out Lions Mane. I appreciate the link to the review site too, so much info out there makes it difficult to choose/spend wisely from so many options!

  14. I like using lion's mane for a cognitive boost in the morning too! It lights up my brain without the jitters of coffee. I also go for coffee… 😛
    Another great mushroom extract is reishi. I really like taking that before sleep for it's oxygenating effects.

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