Growing marijuana in The North – cold climate

Just a stroll in my outdoor marijuana grow. I only have like 4-5 plants to supply my winter stash. Growing in colder climate can …


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  2. I see your plants are big,nice looking but will not reach prime level regarding potency before the frost. To me it sounds like you are Danish- i am Norweagen, and the plants you have remind me of many unfinished monsters I have had up through the years. I have found out that it is possible to grow good herb in scandinavia if you have the right automatic seeds. When the night is as long as the day up here frost is just around corner and growing season is over. What I did to counter the weather is this, I orderd non-feminised automatic seeds, took the quickest boy and the fastest girl and flowered them with the lights on 24hours a day. This realy payed off for me and I hope it will for you to!

  3. you Groove them Way Too Tall you should have cut the top off of your plants when they were young instead of growing like a Christmas tree and only growing one main Cola on the top of your plant you could grow two or more I always taught my plants then it grows two main stems on the top then I super crop them and turn them to main stems into a bridge that grows 7 heads on one branch and it allows your plant to stay small bushy and you will get a lot of main colas

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