Does Denver Smell Like Pot? If So, Is That a Problem?

This week, a Denver resident who smells burnt weed everywhere he goes asked our Stoner if anyone in town really minds the smell of public pot-smoking — which is supposedly illegal but seems omnipresent.

As Herbert Fuego pointed out, some parts of Denver are more stanky than others, including downtown, Capitol Hill, stretches of Broadway and Colfax — and the 16th Street Mall. But if the smoker isn’t in your face, what’s the big deal? After all, Denver has worse problems (and smells) to address.

In the Westword Facebook post of this Stoner question, readers debate whether the scent of marijuana is offensive…or simply the sweet smell of success. Says Paul:

I always wonder if it’s weed or if a skunk has been hit by a car.

Adds Marsha:

The smell on i-70 make me so nauseous. And it’s not Purina, either. I just can’t.

Counters Graham:

I get so offended when the gross weed smoke blocks out the wonderful Purina smell!

Notes Sean:

I don’t care at all about marijuana smoke. I do mind cigarettes, though. Shit’s gross.

Adds Jericho: 

I’d rather smell pot than what I actually smell living in Greeley.

Suggests Jane:

I wish they’d legalize it in Nebraska. Maybe it would cover up the stench of feed lots, rotting sugar beets, and diesel?

And Nate concludes:

Denver is one of the LEAST stanky cities in the U.S.
San Fran: Literal feces
New Orleans: Vomit
Vegas: Cigarettes & shame
New York: That juice in the bottom of the dumpster
Portland: Tear gas
D.C.: Bacon grease
Denver: Sweet ‘tegrity & good vibes

How do you think Denver smells? Post a comment or share your thoughts at [email protected]

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