1. Hemp seed oil is said to be used for cancer treatment. Chemo is poison, can kill on the first dose, damages bodily organs and brain and does not work, our cemeteries testimony to that. Any other drugs with such bad results would be banned? Patrick Swayze had 12 months of 'hell' chemotherapy it did not work, spreading to his liver. If Chemotherapy was any good savvy Steve Jobs would have taken it, he refused knowing chemo is crap.

  2. Hello again. I think my knees are getting better too. When Im at the kitchen I have the sink on my left, so i lean against that little. Then in front of me I'm at the cutting board. So Im standing there and weight is going into my left knee. then I have to let up slowly cuz of the pain gets bad then….. oooh let up slowly… and… hey that don't hurt as much. ooh thats really good feeling.
    Went to my brand website instead of thru a vitamin company. Had to see if what I was taking was the same as what the company had. Ive never had this Organic Hempseed oil before so I don't know what its suppose to taste like. I thought the stuff I got in a plastic bottle tasted strange like olive oil and fishy. No not fishy. I forgot our Lake in town had a huge fish kill last winter and stunk up everything. Hey , can you smell that smell?? Ha. not the Hemp oil. So Im waiting for 2-16 oz GLASS bottles and compare it against the oil in the plastic bottle I got from the vitamin company. why you say? Well, I ran across an article about adulterated oil. same went with your olive oil. It has been tampered with. It wasn't pure. Thats what the news said even with the Hempseed oil. I even went as far as writing a letter to this company saying your oil tastes funny and Ive never had it before. I said , do you have a carrier oil in it? Is it pure. Nothing added and nothing taken out? Its pure, they said along with a long story how its made. I think the prices are reasonable. But you got to shop around. i paid $16 for 24 oz. I will keep on buying this amazing product. Make sure you get ORGANIC. with nothing added and nothing taken out.

  3. Is there a link between hemp seed oil and cancer? I read somewhere that smoking cannabis can lead to cancer. I want to try hemp seed oil but am a bit concern since it comes from the cannabis plant.

  4. Hello. We are on our 1st 1/2 bottle of 24oz. At 1st I had no clue what to use. oh yes I did. The bottle said1 tablespoon. So down the hatch it went. A friend thats so into it said. Oh no! you just need a teaspoon till you get use to it. Ha! I said. Now Im use to it. So we take a tablespoon twice a day sometimes one a day. Or 3. It cleared my painful hand shakes meeting people. Amazing. I can pick up a 12 pack of pop one handed without terrible pain. I said to my with, Hey look at this I can squeeze real hard now. I took one of her plastic wipe bottles with a flip lid. Funny. And gave it a go. POP! with both had a good chuckle. haha. My wife leg pain left. She is happy for that and still take the Organic Hemp Oil. My skin feels pretty good for 69 yrs old. Them other people ought to use it for there wrinkles too.

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