Why Is Hemp Better Than Cotton?

This video is Hemp vs Cotton. We break down why hemp is better than cotton and everything else we use daily throughout our lives. We answer the popular …


  1. don't know about hemp seed oil but cotton seed oil is not for human consumption and it has bad side effect if eaten. But some food company don't give a crap about it since it's cheaper and they add into the food.

  2. The companies that are responsible for selling genetically modified cotton seeds to farmers are also in control of selling them pesticide. Only the specific pesticide from those companies is permitted to be used on the cotton crops. However, seeds are genetically modified to require more pesticide than normal (means more money for the company that produces the seeds and the specific pesticide). Over the past 100 years, cotton plants have needed more and more pesticide for the same yield. All this actually did was create more profits for the company which makes the seed/pesticide and inevitably resulted in a massive increase in hypoxia in our waters/ CO2 in our atmosphere/ cancer rates amongst farmers/ pesticide in our foods. Pesticide requirements for cotton plants has almost doubled in the past 100 years. Hemp is the answer, it can now help to heal some of the damaged soil and significantly reduce our reliance on pesticides.

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