1. There is no reason to hold it in that long. As soon as you’re finished inhaling
    you can exhale .
    That’s probably why you have bronchitis

  2. 🤣🤣🤣 bro , you took like 4 hits all at once like wtf no wonder you coughed ! I’m taking a hit as I type this ! Peace and love 👊🏽

  3. Why are you folks being so mean about this fellow saying he would have 2 more draws because of his pain level, and you people scoffed, but I’m here to tell you that People may say weird things…but “weird” is relative to each person. When folks speak they use the tones and words they are familiar with. So the way he spoke and the words he used were relative to his way of speaking and with his understanding. I think you people are to “Judgey”.
    And that’s my judgement.

  4. Brian can you please do a video of taking a new battery and new cartridge out of the box and how you need to set it up step by step then how to use? I am finding the battery boxes and cartridge boxes come with little to no instructions. Which is not helping the medical needs community. I have Multiple Sclerosis and normal pain pills do not treat this type of pain efficiently. So many suffers have gone to a 1:1 CBD/THC mix for pain, fatigue, muscle and joint pain as well as muscle spasms. But if you haven’t been around cannabis since the70s this is all too confusing and there are not very many informative videos that deal with medical needs. People need to see how to set up from getting things out of the boxes which are harder to get into than those theft resistant CD cases, to how to charge the battery correctly, take all packaging off the cartridge, charge and attach, then put it all together and learn how to work that button. This would make it sooo much easier for any newcomers to vaping whether for medical or social. Thank you at least I figured out what I did wrong with pushing the button on the side of the battery.

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