1. Yes but you have to be the resident of a legal state with a medical program to be able to get a card and use it so if you live in an illegal state like mine then you are still screwed.

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  3. Having had Dr recommendation in Ca for 15 yrs and state card last 5. Last 9 yrs all online $35 takes 10 min. Now state card more time consuming and depending where you live in your county travel to drop off and pick up state card. I've been told by my county its a private list not sure what that means. I don't think it comes up if your pulled over unless you need to show to law enforcement. When he tells u car smells like weed.

  4. In California go online Dr. Recommendation immediately for $35. However if you want the 10% tax savings you also need a state medical Marijuana Card $35-100 depends on county if Medi-Cal recipient half off this card you have to apply for and pickup in only one place per County. Was told list is private I'm not sure. Just having a Dr letter or recommendation allows you to carry and buy lot more also under 18 need Dr. Rec if u shop a lot 10% off Ca ridiculous taxes some places almost 40%. Ca product not cheap u can get crappy $20/ 3.5 gm up to Cookies or Alien Labs brand $100 for 3.5gm. Concentrates $15 g up to $140 for premium cold cure live hash rosin sauce.. Prices of same product can vary depending on dispensary

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  6. The Americans. How many still in jail for weed?
    War on drugs then see the $ cool sorted. UK, stay boozing! Duh. Legal in UK just so awkward if tried to get! Theresa mays hubby grows here to sell outside country? Surprisingly she didn't push it forward as what a you want? Choice? Hubby£££ loadsa£. No. Oh well Maggie shut cole miners when Coal was still there ruining places all over UK hubby BP! Theresa not as tough

  7. With all of this, there is never a company mentioned so we can get it amazing, simply amazing! Its gotta be at least 3 national chain, no mention of none of them.

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