How to Control Pests and Protect Your Cannabis Plant

If you’re growing marijuana, your plant is susceptible to damage from pests and other pathogens. If you want to protect your new …


    I grew my first plant OUTDOORS and I have Gnats in the harvest they are dead and theirs eggs should I throw the whole harvest out. Is it dangerous to smoke. What should I do?

  2. Can someone tell me if dr.earths Final Stop yard and insect killer is ok to use qill flowering bout a month in I have a whitefly problem and don't wanna ruin my bids by spraying something I'll be smoking later

    I’m going into my 2nd week in growing outdoor auto. I thought it will be great to add worms to my pots but turns out a couple of them were dead And ants & flies were eating on them, I just added cinnamon and removed the dead worms that I seen. Majority of the ants were gone within 10min. Should I be ok or should I repot them with new soil?

  4. I use neem oil on the soil but never on my plant for those damn pesky fungus gnats. Those little buggers have been gone since I started using it a few weeks back 🙂

  5. do u consider yourself to be a professional grower because your plant is stretching u spray a ton of crap on it and it needs more light in your greenhouse and your plant need more n as to
    all as it is it should be doing internodal stacks your plant too tall and not mature as well as the stem so weak it cant support its self

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