Ballot initiative heads to Legislature with signatures

Ohio lawmakers will consider a proposal to legalize marijuana in the coming months after advocates gathered enough voter signatures in support of the effort. 

The Coalition to Regulate Marijuana Like Alcohol submitted 136,729 valid signatures as part of the state’s initiated statute process, according to the secretary of state’s office. That’s nearly 4,000 over the required number. The measure will now be sent to the Ohio House and Senate, which have four months to act on the proposed law. 

But the bill faces an uphill battle in the GOP-controlled Legislature and would likely meet Gov. Mike DeWine’s veto pen if it reached his desk. 

“No, I think that’s a mistake,” DeWine said of the legalization effort. “I think you change the culture and you send a signal to kids… If it’s legal, every kid, the message is it’s okay.”

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