How to Identify Male & Female Hemp Plants

A quick guide on how to spot out a male and female hemp plant. Looking for a complete catalog of CBD products? Check out IndustrialHempFarms at …


  1. What if I'm growing 2 plants in one pot, can one be male and the other female or will the male plant right away ruin both? I seen what's looks like what some people would say "balls" on one and the other looked different forsure

  2. I have a strange situation where the plant is about 5 months old , it's about 4 feet tall and still hasn't displayed gender. It looks about the same as it did a month ago as far as a gender reveal . It looks like it may be a female but no budding activity yet. I had 6 plants that started within about 2 weeks of each other . 2 were males that I took out and the 3 females already budded out and I just harvested them in the last week. Any ideas ?

  3. How is the hest way to determine if you have a male or female plant n im about at week 2nhalf so was hoping to see if someone had any advice would really appreciate it thanks for your time n video helps man fr fr (for real) jus have it in 707 n usedd lil mixer like some maddd $$$ best kind so i had to grab a few so that is why i need more 707 roots n noooo store have em

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