1. 😞 I thought the video was going to be about the pen not the laws in your state. I recently purchased the exact one, I'd never heard of them so I tried it out BUT I was looking for vids trying to understand the pen itself. As far as how long does it actually take to charge because my light NEVER turned green and is it normal for this pen to be so difficult to inhale? I LITERALLY have to inhale so hard and it's causing me more anxiety rather than getting rid of it lol anywho any advice on that?.

  2. Want to say that I like your video. I just picked up this CBD pen at a store a couple of days ago. I bought the Pineapple Express 250mg. It has the taste of CBD wax that I picked up at a dispensary and no Pineapple flavor. I will buy the other flavors on my next shopping trip. My review on this as far as pain, anxiety and lack of sleep is 8-10. I like that it helps and there is no MJ odor or the side effects of MJ. I also recommend buying the highest dose and take 4-5 really good puffs. It may make someone a little sleepy. If after and hour or two goes by and no results then repeat 4-5 puffs and add 2 more. I’m very pleased with this product and I don’t have to worry about making trips to the dispensary. 🙂

  3. Sorry to hear the taste isnt super great. I just ordered the same flavor in the cart myself. Now I am wondering if I should have gone grape. And check out OK’s CBD Oil laws if you want to appreciate what you have there in FL.

  4. These vapes don’t contain formaldehyde, nice try. They actually contain vegetable glycerin, the hemp oil is extracted using Co2; Not butane. Hemp hookahs is one of the healthiest CBD distributors on the market currently in my opinion.

  5. I knew the legislator was going to do everything they could to destroy Amendment 2. Honestly John Morgan for being a lawyer, he wrote amendment 2 very poorly. Amendment 2 doesn't lay out any frame work for how medical marijuana is supposed to be implemented, and leaves it to the state department. Legalize recreational marijuana in 2018 or 2020 Florida, and make sure to write in GROW RIGHTS! Cheers Matty G!

  6. Blessings to you dude, keep the videos coming !!•*^,^*•!! 🏁✌🏻🏁 Couldn't agree more with what you said. 7 Cannabis Cartels is not what we the people voted for. July 4th is the final day for my 90 day waiting period, can't wait to try those flowers from trulieve. 100/100 stars for this one. #InaCityMediaLife🤙🏻

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