CBD use in ADHD Kids and all children! (MUST WATCH)

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  1. I live in Florida Port St. Lucie can you recommend a doctor that can help me get my son on cbd I have Medicaid. I feel like the meds aren’t working and now I have to give him sleeping pills to sleep. I’m not happy. I need help.

  2. I'm starting this journey with the hopes to find a Cbd oil that will help because I really don't want to medicate my daughter the traditional way. I have no idea were to start. But she's 11 almost 12 and over the years it's just gotten worse. It's to the point where I'm really worried about her future. It's affecting her relationships with family, friends, and I'm struggling

  3. Hey there neighbor. Florida girl here as well. My son is repeating 1st grade because “they” want to label him and say oh medicine oh he needs this and that he wasn’t focused enough needed to repeat because he didn’t reach the requirements. So I put my foot down. No medicine. I have ADHD. I don’t take medicine. I don’t know what to do! He is super super 100 speed from morning to night. He sleeps like a rock. (Thankfully) but he’s awake crack ass of dawn, and just GOES! None stop! Please respond to me on a update so far seeing your video is from 1 year ago. I am willing to give you my number to help me!

  4. I'm a young mom of 5 boys and one of my twins have ADHD and i was basically force by schools and doctors and day care to put him medication so now hes on biphentin and after a month now they wanna up his dose to 20m. i judt don't know what to do anymore

  5. I have ADHD, and tried out medication for a few years. All it did was make me more hungry and not anymore focused. I stopped it a year ago, and have been wondering if CBD would help. This video solves a lot of my questions. I am going to talk to my work about using CBD at work. I work at a grocery store, and my adhd goes wild sometimes and I can’t keep focused on just my register. I have to sometimes go grab something or put baskets away, or clean the registers. It gets bad at times, but is a little bit manageable (after 19 years). I am going to try out CBD oil. Thank you for this video, and reading my message if you did. 🙏🏻🙏🏻

  6. My son was just diagnosed with ADD. What product do I need to help him? Could you please give me more info? I DO NOT want to put him on pharmaceuticals like you stated. Help! Thanks

  7. I’ve given my son Cbd oil. What a difference ! He was taking concerta meds which is an opioid .my only concern is taking him off without doctors consent , but I’ve seen the benefits

  8. A mere suggestion folks!? Natures Nutrients is the purest of 9 different brands we've tried in 2 & 1/2 years!! It's cold pressed! No chemicals used in the extraction process!! No carrier oils added!! And its unfiltered!! It's considered a full spectrum CBD!! Dig this sister $60 for the 2 oz bottle of the net!! 😳I've done my homework folks!! Also my children's stories are on YouTube "is CBD being suppressed" Listen to the miracles my children experienced!!! Listen to this woman everyone!!!! She speaks the truth!!! ☮️

  9. Hello Dara great video thank you. Our 8 ur old recently got diagnosed with adhd and we’re hesitant to say the least about putting her on meds. We’re very skeptical because of the side effects it can bring along with it. Can you pls provide the cbd oil your using where we can get it and how much more or less dosage we can start her with. Again thank you so much for this inspiring video and bringing hope where there was none. God bless you 🙏🏻

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