My Growing Company – Lemon Haze CBD Flower (End Of Batch) Review

Hey guys here is the review of the Lemon Haze CBD flower from My Growing Company from Switzerland thanks for watching and …


  1. Loved the pokey down bit … totally inspired 👍🤣👍💯
    I have yet to find a lemon cbd flower that is great for taste or smell, is odd as the terpine is quite a powerful one .

    Great review mate and the Doggy has to become a fixture too 👍👍💯💯💚💚

  2. Yet again loved the review man looks like it burns quite nicely as well surprised me again for CBD flower! What do you prefer.. this or the frosted lime more ? Also just a tip if it's possible try and turn down the background music just so it's a little easier to hear you! Looking forward to all the future reviews my man <3

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