1. Legalize cocaine and prostitution, it'll create a million jobs and bring in tens of billions in tax revenue. This level of desperation says everything about NY or US.

  2. So who’s able to get the Licensing?
    How much are the licenses?
    How is congress going to keep the big marijuana companies from monopolizing New York cannabis industry?
    If marijuana is illegal on a federal level how can regular people get a business loan to open a dispensary?
    How much tax will be added to the purchase of cannabis?
    So many questions… I need answers

  3. Great, now we have to be careful of drivers who will be high on this shit in the road! It’s bad enough assholes drink & drive & now this? WTF is on your damn minds stupid politicians??🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️

  4. Will they let the businesses be built from outsiders or people from the areas…. That's the business aspect I'm thinking about. Right after a financial opportunity shows up, outsiders come in and people who live there get pushed out.

  5. You news people could be a multibillion dollar industry you all know it is you guys act like it's a new industry it's a good industry cuz you can make a lot of things out of marijuana not just smoke it

  6. another state legalizing weed.. our pot smokin youth enmass, democrats in control and will b for the foreseeable future..this country is DOOMED! this is painful to watch..

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