1. But what people do not realize is that this is CBD only, which does not help with pain or neurological pains. It does have its uses, but as our bodies are made of an Endocannabinoid system, and god put this plant on earth to be utilized for humans and animals for this reason. Not for the government and pharmaceutical companies to breakdown and profit off of which only utilizes some of the plants properties and hence does not create the same effectiveness to help in the same way as using the entire plant, weather male or female plants are utilized. United States Patent_ 6630507. Not even looking into the facts of the true history’s research and studies from United States and countless other countries that have been performed since the 1930’s, plus the 5,000 years prior to this. All the writings by countless practitioners from those days are not practical. But the Bible is all facts and truth. I must be drug tested to work and pay the taxes for the salaries of these officials and the ones in our country that cannot work or don't work (Social Security, welfare, unemployment, etc.) and none of these recipients have to take an drug test. How does this system work? United States Patent_6630507.

  2. Very nice video thank you for this discovery. 🙂 I wanted to buy on the website you proposed but unfortunately they not deliver in europe (im living in Portugal) . Hopefully i founded that website that i want to share with you cause the customer service was extremely informative about all the questions i asked : @t Bless u everyone <3

  3. Awsome vid but you never covered how it helps anxiety, I really want to stop taking other substances (xans) what would you recommend?

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