CBD Oil for Anxiety – Is it safe? How much and when should you take it Where to get it from?

Is CBD oil good for you if you suffer from anxiety and stress? If so, how much is safe? And when should you take CBD oil? Does it …


  1. Hi Peggy could you recommend another brand. I ordered from green life organics but they refunded my purchase, saying they're not authorised to ship CBD internationally 🙁

  2. And like many people, you may take CBD and notice no real difference. I can smoke a large size high CBD % joint and notice almost nothing… very mild calming effect. Do I use CBD regularly? Yup, because it does appear to have benefit. Do I believe all the hype around CBD? Nope, but if it can achieve even a small fraction of what "they" say it can, it is still beneficial.

  3. Hi Peggy, really hope you can reply. Do you know of a good CBD oil as I’m in the UK? We’ve very high regulation here and the cbd oils have low potency. Any suggestions of a trusted brand ?

  4. thanks Peggy- awesome info as always….this is off subject but can u recommend a good shampoo for your hair? no chemicals of course, but still leaves/ keeps hair healthy? thanks!

  5. Watched your walk to the town fair video. Last plant I bought at a Farmers market in BC Canada was an Aloe Vera plant. Q. What is the rent cost where you stay? I think I will move there. Seriously!!! Thanks for the inspiring video!!! (:

  6. Yes a video on what you look for in a good quality oil and a decent tasting oil too!! The 2 different ones I’ve bought both said in the ingredients Hemp Oil one had peppermint flavor they said peppermint extract for flavoring and Hemp Oil they said nothing else..So yes I’m interested in knowing how to find a good oil at a fair price..Thx Shey

  7. Hi Peggy! I've recently started viewing your channel and am positively impressed. Good work!
    Also, since I started using CBD oil about a year ago, I thought I would give you my impression of it. While I do not suffer from anxiety, I did have have chronic back pain and arthritis in my hands. Daily CBD supplements have greatly reduced the
    aching and overall pains. But, as in everything, moderation is best. It's not an instant cure-all, but it definitely does help with general health in the long run. Thank you for your efforts!!

  8. Ii am using cbd oil for some time now i find it great
    Let me sleep. .eat and not feeling tired but I get mine from a small local dealer not from those big company that has to mix other things in it

  9. Hi Peggy! A video of how to identify a good quality CBD oil would be great! So if I have trouble sleeping at night, which of the two that you recommended should I get?

  10. 💚 QUESTION OF THE DAY 💚 Shall I make another video about CBD Oil?
    Option #1 CBD Q&A video
    Option #2 How to identify the best supplement CBD oil product?
    Option #3 “I am not interested. Do another video instead!”

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