How to Get Thicker Hair with Hemp Seed Oil |Type 4 Fine Natural Hair | Simply Subrena

HI LOVES! I wanted to share some ways i will be using hemp seed oil in my natural hair journey to help thicken up my fine natural …


  1. I just came across your video today, after doing a little research on hemp seed oil (and I subscribed). I'm also ordering hemp seed oil today. Can't wait to receive, try it and see my results. Thanks for sharing this video.

  2. Hi! I just saw another video of a woman here on YouTube that says she experienced memory loss due to hemp seed oil…I wonder is it really is true. I believe what she says but at the same time I havenโ€™t heard anyone else talking negatively about hemp seed oil. Have you or anyone heard anything about this?

  3. i never believed in natural cure for Hepatitis B until i finally got rid of mine with some natural herbs i got from a herbal Dr ozuka, i lived with this virus for years until i used the herbal medication and now i am cured completely

  4. I love oils, but hemp seeds in general is so good for you, please just get the seeds and consume 3 tbsp a day. its good in smoothies oatmeal pancakes chicken … you can make milk with it, I personally just blend it into my coffee with collagen powder

  5. I got some yesterday to treat my scalp as Iโ€™m struggling with eczema on the back of my head and in my ears ! Iโ€™ve only just starting using it and hopefully I will get thicker hair and pray that it will grow as well !!!

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