1. I wonder if all of the small time dispensaries and growers in these states that now and will have legal pot, could incorporate, just as a legal entity but, still be run as subsidiaries? Pool some money together in the corporation's name for legal defenses, if the Feds do come a knocking under Trump's Admin. Seems to me, this would not be a bad idea, being that most of these businesses are unprotected legally speaking from a federal standpoint and could still be busted or raided. We all know the forfeiture laws, could cause a huge bump in the supply chain. The big question is, even though the state is the regulator, it is not the sole owner of these businesses, will the states come to the legal defense of said businesses, if the FEDS/DEA decide to throw down the gauntlet.

  2. No one will start to smoke pot because it is legal,the problem might be that police have more time for violent crimes,don't forget the confiscation of money and property will be harder,no money for tanks and Christmas partys

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