How To Make CBD Oil With A Rosin Press: Cannabasics #116

(21+ Educational Purposes only) Learn How To Make CBD Oil With A Rosin Press Today On Cannabasics #116. Buy a MyPress …


  1. I have a my press and when I try to press bud nothing comes out but when I press kief it comes out like what I see in the video but they're pressing bud not kief. Makes no sense.

  2. Super glad you're doing a video on this. My girlfriend's mom uses CBD vape pens, and I want to replace her Select vapes with hash rosin carts made from hemp. It's just easier to trust something you make yourself.

  3. instead of the ICE pack, head to a cabinet or counter top fabricator and see if they have old samples. I have 12"x" garnet slabs and some 6×6 that work great. I keep them in my freezer ready for when I need it. Hop that Tip helps. Love your vids.

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