GROWING EXPOSED S2 EP8: CENTRAL OREGON CANNABIS GROWING 00:00 Disclaimer 00:07 Amanda’s Intro 02:11 Garden Tour: S.A.F. 07:12 Garden …


  1. I don't listen to people who have such foul mouths, So I'm done watching this episode!
    I cringe everytime he says that foul language. Not for me!
    You can get your point across without using such foul language…

  2. I don’t understand why so many potheads are liberal dummycrats you can tell by looking at them what political party they side with when it was a dummycrat president that made weed illegal in 1937 and dummycrats who started a civil war so they can keep try and keep their slaves. F The control freak dummycrats now Biden fires cabinet members who smoked weed in their past!

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