1. Legalizing tobacco has cost this country Devastation in families.. Cancer Medical problems of all sorts.. Now we are coming to the understanding that smoking tobacco around your children should be considered child abuse.. Our consciousness is beginning to grow.. Marijuana has not killed one person.. That fact alone should stand.. The federal government still criminalizing marijuana is a class one drug.. Is slowly a roading our publics Confidence in the federal government system.. I say this with all confidence change is COMING !!!

  2. Vote MI we need to Legalize it!! Smoke city if we get it passed! ! Come on you all vote, greetings from Texas.. Another state recreational will put more pressure on our state gov here. Also more leverage on them if they try saying "no other states are doing it", ahhaa, yeah bitch!! Lol Seriously im a come do a BIG FAT DAB wit you in November peace!!

  3. Supporters of medical use are always commanded to produce evidence of any claim of affect while assuming all fears are well founded. MAKE THEM PROVE HARM! Both sides need to be held to the same standards of evidence. What biological harm is directly caused by cannabis addiction, on the rare occasion it is assessed? Ask real questions.

  4. Pay your tribute to your masters, they need your money. Ain't it funny how all these taxes that go for schools but yet schools are still underfunded and our roads are shit. Second highest paid Reps in the country, but yet they only work part time and need more taxes for things that are already supposed to be funded by extra taxes.

  5. so what if im smoking at home my medical marijuana an a cop gets called because of neighbors…. if I open the door and they smell it, thats probable cause but cant I be saved because my card and its in home or my property?

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