Wake & Bake America 701 What Is The Best CBD, Growing In A 1 Bedroom, & Getting Lobsters High

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  1. I had a skunk living underneath my porch and did this to get rid of it. I waited until nighttime when I knew it would be out and put a very bright work light in the entrance to the hole. They won't go near the light. Then during the day I filled in the hole and reinforced it and no more skunk problem.

  2. Dude, they are just using "Save the children" as a cudgel to regulate an industry out of existence. I don't want to see any kids vaping, but think about it man. Kids are going to experiment, I'd much rather have my kid experiment with vaping which is 95% less harmful than combustible tobacco. I picked up a 15 year menthol habit that only vaping helped me quit. I tried literally everything else… Gottlieb is a piece of shit by the way. Do any digging on him and you'll find that out fast. Check out the channel Regulator Watch if you want some factual information about the vaping industry and actions some industry leaders are taking to make this a responsible product market to help people who want to quit smoking.

  3. Morning crew! Smoking on my staple Maui Wowie drizzled with some full spectrum co2 oil from last years outdoor harvest. Mixed batch of trim 14 strains. Shout out to N.MI O.G. Crew. Life can be good – get at it!

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