Planners approve third medical marijuana site in Petoskey, remain wary of recreational

PETOSKEY — Petoskey planners have now approved the three permitted medical marijuana provisioning centers allowed within city limits. 

But they’re trying to keep a lucid frame of mind in asserting that none of those provisioning centers would necessarily meet the requirements for approval as recreational dispensaries, should such establishments ever become legal in the city.  

Indeed, Petoskey is currently opted out of recreational establishments, so there’s no local ordinance in the book indicating what zoning conditions a site would need to meet to facilitate one. But, some members of the planning commission are already raising a cautious eye to the possibility of a ballot issue or piece of legislation that could force their hand into allowing them in the future. 

In such a circumstance, some, such as planning commissioner Ted Pall, said the city should be ready with clear restrictions in place. 

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