CBD Oil For Vaping – Benefits – Side Effects – Truth

CBD Oil I am using – http://bit.ly/FullSpectrum2000 Apple Cider Vinegar Cleanse – http://bit.ly/ACVPurE CBD Great Tasting …


  1. INSTANT RELAXATION when I opened my Amazon delivered pen.

    It's my second Day and love it…a nice mood regulator throughout the day. There is a company that you but a disposable pen for $15 dollars that comes with 300 pulls!!

    Reputable and Organic certified
    It's called "CBDFX"
    they have very cool flavors, but I recommend starting with the basic mint flavor!

  2. lemon haze is the one i vape , its extraced from the plant and cbd is ment to destroy cancer cells in ur body ,also works for anxiety ,insomnia and depression it has many many medicinal properties and i find it really really good 😊 u can buy cbd oils such as lemon haze on the harmony website

  3. I use green garden gold 300 mg in a vape pen and it works for my anxiety attack like nothing I've ever had I used to smoke a lot of weed for it but I didn't like being high so I'd recommend it for anyone who's in pain add ad/hd or just wants to quit smoking weed

  4. CBD vape is amazing and fast. I had back surgery and after back surgery I started vapeing cdb from pharmarx which is my buddy's company and I am now back to work I'm out fishing my body is calm and no more anxiety

  5. I use dry herb CBD in a vaporizer. It works really well for controlling arthritic pain anxiety. It allows me to be active every day, do some exercise and also lead a "normal" life. I find CBD helps with sleep too. I used to take CBD oil orally but it is very expensive compared to dry herb.

  6. I'm actually starting to use CBD vape oil, from the brand "beezbee". It's way different from obviously THC. It starts by numbing you a bit at first and then all of my anxiety just blows over. I don't really have any problems, just really stressed out. I'll let you know how it turns out.

  7. I am a surviving brain cancer patient now one kidney failure causing heart palpitations. I also suffer heavy from depression anxiety insomnia and even medical PTSD. And I'm starting new because I do smoke pot and just kinda trying something different

  8. I suffer from serious back pains because of a rare spinal disease that I have and it also causes me to have really badd arthritis in my arms and hands.. And because of my back pain I also get very badd pains in my legs and they tend to go numb sometimes so to my arms.. I'm taking a few different medications for it which I've been on for several years now.. So I'm pretty new to this too but not long ago I got myself a bottle of the CBD vape liquid that is a 150 mg. And the size of the bottle is 15 ml. I have a pro color vape mod and I mix about 2 of the full drop things In with my regular vape juice which I use sour gummy worms made by candy king.. I've kind of just started doing it so I'm still kind of learning what the effects are.. But all the research I've done it has a lot of positive effects for people like myself that have a lot of pain in their body.. And because of the pain I also suffer from insomnia some nights so I was told it's supposed to help with that as well as lots of other things likely pression or anxiety.. So far it seems to be making me really tired and feel really relaxed.. Hoping that this helps and maybe I can get off some of my medications and feel less pain..

  9. Hay bud, I vape something called CBD eaze, I suffer with anxiety and depression and found it just help the attacks subside and it just keeps me chilled and help me get on with my day to day life, one of my friends recommended it to me after it pretty much changed her life and Iv never looked back

  10. I broke my femur in 2 places and was on OXYCODONE high doses for well over a year. At first opioids worked, then efficacy dropped and side effects increased exponentially. Talked with my wife never thought in a million years she would be pro-cannabis (she isn't) but when options is opioids or natural herbs she helped me decide. At first I was doing the oil under tongue like you are, it's great but tastes horrible and takes hour to kick in. Last month I switched to apple crumb cake CBD vape. Works perfectly. Takes about 80% of my pain away (construction worker). Only downside it doesn't last as long as oil. But 3 vapes before work, 3 vapes at break, 3 vapes at lunch equals the 2 half droppers of oil. So I'm loving it. Tastes great. Just have to tone it different because it hits you fast but wears off faster than the oil. Definitely worth it if you're serious about getting off opiates! I didn't want to lose my life like so many others. And yes you will pass a drug test for work! Hope this helps someone! The volcano pen was 40 bucks and a bottle of vape 350mg lasts about a month 60 bucks. Zero side effects. 9.5 out of 10 in my opinion

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