1. Also, I been having sleeping and anxiety problems since last 3 years and cannot sleep without taking Melatonin and even then I don't get full deep sleep all the time and wake up with bad headache and light headed type symptoms. Can you please suggest what should I take to help with my sleeping problems and will there be any withdrawals like Melatonin if I stop taking it?

  2. Hey just checked out your channel and was wondering if you have tried Lions Gold cbd? It was founded by Tanner Hall who is a professional skier and the ceo of Armada Ski Company.

  3. Just wish you would add details about the actual product such as : is it water soluble (which is a HUGE factor price and in bioavailability)? Does it have a US Hemp Authority Seal of approval?
    Is it USDA- approved hemp and NOT some third-world crap (like CHINA and RUSSIA are sending to the states)?
    So many factors that people need to know about before using any hemp products but I WILL NOT use ANY hemp product that doesn't at least meet those three criteria and I recommend highly that everyone follows that advice. Good luck!

  4. @CBDReviewLab
    I have a 78yo mom who is severely suffering from chronic osteoarthritis.
    She cries every day cause of pain. She's miserable. I don't know what to do anymore.
    The reco was TKR for both knees but since she is at peak state of massive pain with some underlying health issues such as slight on set Alzheimer's, elevated liver enzymes, lumbar spine stenosis and controlled blood pressure, the 2 ortho surgeon we approached denied her for knee surgery. Mom is taking Meloxicam 15 once a day but seems not help her joints pain at all.

    I am considering CBD. Pls refer me the most potent and effective for severe osteoarthritis local and lateral pain. Either oil sublingual, topical spray and cream. Any best, strong and high quality brand? Though I am worried with the high effect. My my is a small 136lbs frame.

    Pls help!!!

  5. I get really bad anxiety at night so bad I get up and sometimes I have to take a shower and then it takes some time is an hour just to get back to sleep I took some CBD nighttime tea it works pretty good but I would really like to give these oils a try do you think it will help me out with my anxiety quicker than ☕️

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