I’ve suffered from anxiety for as long as I can remember. On my channel, I talk a lot about my experience with anxiety and my …


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    Coming soon!!! Coffee☕️ infused with CBDa🍀.
    The mental alertness which is induced by the caffeine in coffee is enhanced with the addition of CBDa, but also there is a great reduction of the irritable side-effects like anxiety and the jitters that are associated with caffeine that many people experience.
    This is the reason why CBDa & Caffeine infused together makes a great combination for promoting alertness, focus, energy, calmness & productivity without the side-effects like the jitters or caffeine sensitivity. It is also great for alleviating inflammation, relief of joint and muscle discomfort, pain, supports optimal immune function, etc. The phytocannabinoids from the hemp plant like CBDa, with all of its myriad of health benefits, including anti-anxiety properties, combined with the caffeine that is in the coffee create a wonderful balance.
    ❤️Love, 🌞Light, ☮️Peace🌳 & 🌈Gratitude🦋. 😊☕️

  2. Hey Autumn! Love your videos. Can you share more on your actual workouts themselves? You have my vision of a perfect phsyique and I love your sculpted arms! Thanks, best!

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