How We're Using CBD & Cannabis Oil to Treat Our Dog | Canine Lymphoma Vlog, Part 2

In this video, I discuss the current treatment for canine lymphoma (a form of cancer) we’re using with Ginny, our senior rat terrier …


  1. Did the CBD oil not work? And did you end up putting her down or did she get sicker and pass on her own? Asking because I plan on doing the same for my dog who has lymphoma

  2. I’m jus starting to try this with my kitty first does in her ear and next I’m rubbing on the spots on her stomach. Know I cry every night wondering if tonight is her last and I don’t want to leave her side

  3. Isn't she wonderful. The end of this video brought tears to my eyes, because I'm going through something very similar. Every day is a rollercoaster – such beautiful moments, positivity, and yet overwhelming feelings. And so few people understand. Besides easing my mind about starting steroids (I had a lot of fear because I'd been giving CBD) I feel so supported and almost comforted by this video. I have nobody to talk to about this because almost nobody I know gets it. God bless you and Ginny.

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