1. I check the CBD oil on myself. When I have a new batch I will see how it works over a week of using it at normal dose.( just shy of half a dropper) If it works by reducing the pain to a manageable level or I adjust it till it does. 30 cents a day is a cheap fix for pain relief and a good night sleep. I take mine at bed time,but very rarely, it may take a few drops more after a couple hours of sleep later to relieve the pain to a better level.

  2. I have searched all the comments seeking the answer to the question so many other people are asking…What is the potency of this recipe? I have not seen a lab analysis of any of your batches. It would seem essential to support your claim of "extra strength" to show some evidence of actual potency tests you have had done to show a baseline that can be used to determine the potential strength of various amounts of flower and the time in the cooker. Please post some data to help us figure out this important part of dosing. Thanks!

  3. Hey, tnx for the great video. I got a question if someone can help with? If i make this oil with same mesurments as you did but use lets say Finola plant (legal in EU, can have 5% cbd) how much % of cbd would oil have. When i looked on the market its huge difference in price between 2% and 6% oil. What can i expect if i make it from 5% plant for personal use, using your method. Tnx! 🙂

  4. could you please explain how you get these numbers for instants it's 19% CBD how did you figure that out? Thank you would appreciate it I have no decent idea other than send it to a lab?What the hell do I know

  5. Can you do one for making cbd vape juice ?

    Also if you making CBD oil for it's anti inflammation properties why not use Olive oil seeing olive oil also has Anti inflammation properties

  6. Hi! Very impressive video! May we somehow arrange a very short private conversation on this? I would really need a little bit more advice, I'd order and buy everything from you, but how can we establish a private conversation (again, just 10 minutes or so…)? Please, please let me know.
    Thank you in advance!!!

  7. great info ,just made some here in Aussie Land …one quickie . you decarbed ,then pulled out of the oven , said smells great {same same} , then put in MBN. …book says to let cool as it preserves phytonutrients ….. another you tube showed ol mate letting his box cool to 60 . whats the scoop ? Imine probably went down to 60 then in the pot into the oil , but after4 hours was only done down to 50% . bud and lecithin still dry above , so compressed with spatular and red set for another 4 hrs came out beautiful and the bottom of the MBN had a clump of finish exactly like a coffee perculator , …whats your decarb take on that cheers Mungass ….

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