1. It's taken about two months but there has been a positive and beneficial change in my mental behavior. I am more relaxed, focused and don't get stressed. I have also lost weight, my blood pressure dropped 10 points. Moreover, I don't crave snacks or get as hungry even with exercising 5-6 days a week

  2. CBD was the ONLY thing the helped me in opiate withdrawal. and it wasn't like switching out opiates for another addiction. used it for four days and that was it. that plus a bunch of support and hard work I'm 10 months clean 🙂

  3. See I take pain pills for car accident and was made worse when cops held me there which almost killed me
    I take opids so I got have it tested by my pain Dr that's why can't try it at all

  4. Grow your own!! It's an herb put on this planet to help and it does!! It treats alot of problems and COMPANIES can't make money off you with their harmful PILLS & MEDICINES!!

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