1. Japan needs to realise that US bullies country's to made it illegal.. They did that with Mexico and the corrupt government made it illegal..
    But Japan was BUILLED by USA to make it illegal during World War 2… yet during that war USA made their own people grow Mary Jane to help make extra money… and now.. A lot of states in the USA is legal… Sad that people don't know their past… Japan used to give there Shrines Marijuana… I feel it will be legal in Japan with the younger Generation.. The old ones are closed minded… Amsterdamn Legal, Canada legal, USA legal… Soon Mexico it will be legal… Japan will follow once more countries are legal…

  2. Japan government is Backdated with all those old people in the parliament. Japanses government will regulate cannabis when Japan's government will realize they are getting held back economically comparing to modern countries like USA and Canada. Sad

  3. Listen, when I watched the news about cannabis on YouTube by Japanese media, there were something weird things that I felt.
    Almost all of the comments are
    “Hey everyone, the DRUG effects badly. All the people who take marijuana go mad. So, we shouldn’t make legal them in Japan!!!😡”.
    90% of Japanese think them together — marijuana and drugs(stimulants, cocaine and heroin).
    I was really surprised that here is totally different.
    I think that Japanese are making the public opinion “Marijuana is illegal, so they are bad” because some people want to defend their vested interests (police, pharmaceutical company, tobacco company and politician).
    EVERYDAY I see wrong or incorrect news are reported and they trust them.
    I want you to notice this reality in Japan.

  4. Tax revenue should not be viewed as a positive thing. We can drink a gallon of bleach and die, which is totally legal. But somehow, smoking or taking any other drug is illegal. Shows how much these govnts care about the people.

  5. It’s hard enough to get marijuana legalised around the world.
    In Japan it’s so taboo, it’s like trying to legalise public masterbation.
    It’s fun, relieves stress & doesn’t hurt anyone, if you don’t like it, don’t look.. lol

  6. I live in a state where cannabis is legal and have smoked/vaped it nearing a decade and a half.

    From what I understand, Japan doesn't have any real established culture surrounding it, and finding people who actually smoke it is slim to none. If that is the case, I don't see even why it would be legalized. Should it in the name of human rights? Probably. 

    Personally, I find it extremely difficult seeing a situation where this issue would even be brought up in the first place. From what I have heard, the "do not get high" culture in Japan is something taken very seriously as a concept of honor and principle (even though alcohol is a drug as well, go figure). Apparently, even doctors have been facing issues of patients not taking their prescribed pain medications because of this cultural concept.

  7. 日本では第二次世界大戦までは麻薬は一般的で生活を助ける3種の草の一つとして大変有用に使われてきました。

  8. Japan praised weed used it for everything for centuries, a lot of villages are even named after weed. until the US banned it after Japan lost the war. They will never let us change our law back 🙁

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