The Most Powerful Plant on Earth? | The Hemp Conspiracy | Documentary

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  1. Thank you for this video. I have been doing research on how it can affect the body. It has so many benefits and people should not be scared of it. I smoke it and bake it. It has changed my life.

  2. THANK YOU for making this video. Cannabis changed my life, I would be dead without it and just wish more people had access to this miracle medicine. Please do a video about β€œlandrace” strains. Information on this is rare and would love to see what your detective mind can find✌️

  3. Great information and Great video. When the governments on Earth banned and made cannabis illegal the reasoning behind it was incorrect. All the I’ll things that was said it made people do was and is what alcohol makes people do, so I think the terminology of d’evils lettuce should have been applied to alcohol. Nobody has ever died from cannabis yet how many die from alcoholism. Cannabis should be made legal in Europe and the rest of the world, at least for medical purposes and then recreational purposes. Maybe governments were too afraid of the populations becoming so peaceful that man would not join the army and bear arms against his fellow man. When it was said thou shall not kill meaning do not bear arms against your fellow man. Legalise cannabis indica πŸ™‚ Thank you for caring and sharing and helping to raise awareness for the benefits of the hemp plant (sativa) and the cannabis plant (indica). Peace, love and truth.

  4. Medical marijuana has made a huge impact on my quality of life. When you are left with three choices of how to deal with chronic pain and insomnia, ignore it, go to pain management and become a drug store junkie, or medical marijuana, you take the marijuana. A year and a half later, I am doing better than I was a few years ago, before I got my card.

  5. This is the best information I have found on cannibis. I thought I knew a little about it but only was aware of two species , sativa and indica.
    I believe marijuana got labeled as a drug used by hippies and younger people and that has stuck while alcohol has been deemed socially acceptable while causing much more problems than smoking pot.
    I wouldn t say it has no side affects although I am not aware af any that are dangerous or unhealthy although breathing smoke of any kind is prob not good and I agree the positive and good issues far outweigh any bad.
    I totally agree that influential companies have swayed lawmakers to slow legalization and social acceptance. Thanks for sharing.

  6. Cannabis gets u high and then u start to beleive u can just grow hemp everywhere a staple of every economy on earth 🌍 tell me I’m wrong
    My mum believes everything would be to cheap and there’s be no money because after all it does just grow out of the ground 3 times a year I might add
    It’s madness

    Growing HEMP will restore the 'soil', will restore the 'atmosphere'.
    Will create BIO-DEGRADABLE plastics.
    This is the only way I can get this message out; HEMP plastics is the future for earth.
    I wrecked my Harley not wearing my helmet that stopped my heart 3 times, put me into an 87 day coma waking with a 5.5 brain injury requiring relearning life. Once returning home I tried having my doctor do an MRI of my brain to compare to my wreck. He refused telling me that BIG PHARMA will financially destroy any doctor that proves THC restores brain injuries.
    This upset me so much that I taught myself MOLECULAR SCIENCE and went to the gold shop in KALISPELL MONTANA showing JB how copper transitioned into gold. This got me kicked out and he told 'city council' that I am making FOOLS GOLD from copper pass tests
    Boiling water proves that 'heat' excites MOLECULES allowing ATOMS to escape.
    This is how copper transitions into GOLD and nickel into PLATINUM.
    Earth must be restored by growing HEMP world wide.

  8. A link to a short EDUCATIONAL film produced in 1943, by the US DEPARTMENT OF AGRICULTURE to promote the use of HEMP, A VITAL RESOURCE FOR THE WAR EFFORT. The US Department of Agriculture produced this video to encourage American farmers to grow hemp as part of their patriotic duty during the II World War.

  9. Am a licensed medical card holder and he is right about everything 🀩🀩🀩🀩🀩🀩🀩🀩🀩 please if you suffer from depression use this medicine πŸ’Š!!!!!!! Trust me cause I bet you nothing else is working

  10. It doesn't make you high,

    It relaxes you, soothes you, can even open your mind, grants you the ability of insight.

    they don't wanna LEGALIZE it, cause they know the people wil profit, just like the banning of moon shine.
    Wana is a herb, why is basil, CORRIANDER,dill, parsley, legal…
    The System knows WANA has the POWER,

    Who gave man the right to tell another man not to touch something Healing that NATURE has granted & giving??? This video is a blunt, but we've seen something better than this. This is basic info,
    Blaze up, take a toke then you'll know the truth……

  11. That's why in October 2017 Canada legalized Hemp/Marijuana 100% to use, buy, possess, grow, distribute, sell. Sadly the government adds to much sales taxes & retail stores sell it for a higher price than drug dealers did when it was illegal. Capitalism ruined a good thing.

  12. Some reason I get numb hands/feet and sometimes have a nervous breakdown to tears… Not sure if there's a better strain versus what my friends recently gave me… I KNOW CBD is becoming More Popular thankfully…

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