You'll see medical marijuana first at the federal level in the U.S.: Aurora Cannabis CEO

Aurora Cannabis CEO Miguel Martin joins Closing Bell to discuss the future of vaping and the U.S. CBD market in the United …


  1. Everything about legalization is such a joke. At the end of the day it is A WEED. It's a little harder to grow and harvest than tomatoes – well within the reach of any home gardener. Why do we not have tomato startup CEOs on CNBC? Every state should be at least where California or Michigan is, with recreational home growing legalized and possession limits in pounds, not grams.
    The reason pot is illegal is NOT because of racism or puritanism. It's because it's an effective medicine / drug that can be grown anywhere with almost no effort or cost.

  2. Legalize medicinal and recreational cannabis 21+ tax it like tobacco.
    Oh there’s very much still a black market for cartridges in illegal states… think about it

  3. I fully support recreational marijuana, but I want to see it legalized for medical use at the federal level before recreational, I believe that is the first step in ending prohibition, 37 states out of 50 have legalized it for medical use

  4. So this is the guy who has the title of CEO of one of the most poorly run cannabis companies in the entire industry. There is a very real possibility that Aurora will eventually fill for chapter 11 protection, (bankruptcy).

  5. We will someday find the many cannabinoids in cannabis (CBN, CBG, CBD, etc.) are nearly as essential to our endocannabinoid system as vitamins are to our health. Therefore, EVERYONE should be entitled to this preventative medicine. We shouldn't need a qualifying condition from a list some group decides on to determine what is best for us.

  6. Take a gram of rso a day and you will never get as sick again. It also helps with so much other sickness and disease. Also helps cure bacterial infections and inflammation. Also helps with pain and certain types of cancer.

  7. The dudes with power just plan on waiting out for people that care to die. The children can be easily be manipulated with a few dollars. Think big. Think positive. Grow microbes and drink them.

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