Pain Doctor's Opinion on CBD. Does CBD Help With Pain? Doctor Jack Episode 1

My personal journey and experiences with CBD as an anesthesiologist and pain physician. This is my very first Youtube video! My editing and video presence …


  1. Wow! Seems like forever ago that I put out this 1st video! Thanks to all those for watching and supporting the channel. I cannot believe I've done 40 videos since then. Keep spreading knowledge and enjoying the journey! Wishing everyone well!

  2. Yes more content on the effects of cannibias on your body diet ect. Cbd at gas stations safe? Gummies? Smoke? Best way to consume and the effects on different parts of your body.

  3. I subscribed for the knowledge and I am using CBD oil for my sciatic low back pain issues and it has helped me out I'd prefer CBD over Ibuprofen any day. Also I like the books behind you. The Intelligent Investor and Buffett.

  4. Can you guide me to one of your video's that address the 'entourage effect' with THC for pain management?
    I'm trying hard to reduce my use of Gaba and other typical neuroleptic medications by dosing with CBD/THC above what is typically legal in some states. I live in one that where THC has been legalized, so I'm free to experiment. I just feel I'm twisting along in the wind.

  5. Would you recommend or suggest CBD for a person with a history of atrial fibrillation? my mother suffers from chronic pain and has afib (but hasn't had an attack in YEARS). Was curious about CBD because she despises taking meds.

  6. I have bad anxiety and I take Zoloft. I recently found some cbd oil that helps me. It relaxes me and helps me sleep. The different types of marijuana/hemp have different effects. There is no one thing fits all. Someone may respond better to Northern Lights(certain strain) or another person may respond better to gorilla glue, or master kush. Do some research on it. Different strains are better for certain ailments. Some help with pain management, some treat depression and anxiety(me). Stomach problems, there’s something they are using to treat Chrones disease.

  7. strolling back through these comment boards , this is great seeing all these people communicating on the vids …want to mention that the term used to describe how cannabis stops pain response is – Depolarization induced suppression of inhibition of neurotransmitter release ( DSI) . short of that is – backwards retrograde signaling ( depolarization induced) that cells make to modulate lipid signaling in them . endocannabinoid system is the only physiological system to make those types of backwards messages for the cells to connect with one another and adjust how lipids get metabolized and formed into biochemical communicators etc….

  8. Dr. Jack , is there a way of getting in touch with you at your practice my wife is having rotator cuff problems for the last five weeks. She is about to get a MRI and we prefer not to have surgery.thanks MN

  9. I look forward to the day when EVERY country at the very least, decriminalizes cannabis. As a person extremely limited with pain management options, the plant is simply precious. When a severe brainstem migraine hits (and for folks who think they are only headaches, they are: crushing/pulsating 9/10 skull and neck pain plus ice pick stabs, extreme weakness, loss of coordination, loss of vision, vertigo nausea, cyclic bile-vomiting, speech problems and MORE, cannabis can bring it all down by at least half. CBD alone interestingly, has no effect on these unreal brainstem migraines. And triptans too, are off the table. Cannabis is a godsend.

  10. "Good health lies in knowing true medicine"
    We are manufacturers of all kinds of products, we even build houses with the best 100% legal organic CBD in the world grown in Canada, Colorado, Holland and now the best in the blue zone of the Planet of Costa Rica.

  11. I'm about 70 now and have osteoarthritis. I used the usual over-the-counter pain meds for years. This caused a bleed event. Too much aspirin. Anyway, I now use CBD. It takes the pain down to just a background noise level with no side effects that I'm aware of.

  12. Thank you for posting and being a doctor that just isn’t about big pharm but your actual patients.
    The oath you all take makes me so happy. I’m just starting CBD AND my parents are Hispanic and I have depression and anxiety and they think I’m smoking it but I don’t want to have to take anxiety meds and refuse to take anti depressants. Thank you thank you and may God bless you for making these 🙏🏼

  13. I was recently afflicted with horrible chronic pain that literally and suddenly left me unable to walk sit like down roll over sit up EVERYTHING felt as if I had been beaten severely and fractured bones but the pain migrated every day or two changing from a hip and wrist shoulder and thumb the corners of my jaw , I couldn't chew one day the next day I couldn't hold a cup of coffee then I had to use a cane to walk if able to get off my bed until I remembered CBD I used to give my dog for bone cancer and it was miraculous the improvement in his pain and mobility giving him a full year he would not had e joyed without the CBD . Only now I was praying it would do the same for me as I know it did for my poor dog who within 4 to 5 days of cbd had regained full use ( with a limp but full use ) of his front leg that was s ok painful he couldn't bear weight on it. At all. So I did my research and used the same highly effective brand I was familiar with ( presta bio products 1000mg /60 ml ) that I had compared already to 6 others that never worked anywhere near as well mostly stuff you buy in dispensaries or stores but not tested or accurate . And in my research h I learned not only is the dosage important but so is the extraction method and also the STRAIN of hemp used because even if it's made right you have so many variety in strains that the only way to know what strain will work best for YOUR INDIVIDUAL NEEDS is unfortunately trial and error but I can attest to the fact all STRAIND ARE NOT EQUAL and neither are extraction methods and countless variables making it necessary to experiment with different doses of different b tdd and and methods of ingestion to find what works for your own individual needs and that's the hardest part of deciding and starting to use CBD and achieving g the desired results which is unfortunately time consuming and expensive but let me tell you this … after using CBS for just 3 days 4 x a day 1 full dropper I was able to move without screaming in pain , I was stiff but not IN PAIN on the 4th day and by day t MY PAIN HAD ENDED 100% GONE and I did have break thru pain if I didn't take it every 4 hours so now its June 2021 and I have found an affordable product 3rd party tested and verified that I take and I have returned to normal but better I still struggle with sleep but take 5htp and added gaba to my vitamin regiment probiotics and TRY to avoid sugar and carbs and drink more water that's natural not tap and has a 7.0 or higher ph .and I haven't even seen the rheumatologist yet I was referred to for the suspected FM diagnosis. Without CBD I WOULD BE FORCED TO SUFFER AND OR BECOME DEPENDANT ON OPIATES. . why medical mafia and dad big pharma haven't JUMPED on the onvious and urgent need yreat pain with that cannabis is mind boggling. And in my opinion almost criminal

  14. Thank you and great job. My main concern is hepatotoxicity, but I think that's more with Kratom and tumeric? Seems like there's always a catch 22 either get piss tested at work, or expose my liver with Kratom/tumeric. CBD is a good choice, but I think less processed means more THC? Got tired of the Motrin or Torodol routine. Will take CBD before any cortison shots. Glad there's legal alternatives to pain management. And yes keep these videos coming.

  15. CBD has been life changing for me. I was very unhappy with the medical care I was receiving from my pain doctor. I got kicked out of care because I told the doctor that as a patient with Osteopina I was not comfortable with spinal injections. I went to a health food store known for their CBD selection and knowledgeable staff. I told them I wanted off of the opiates. I wanted pain relief without the high. They got me set up and explained dosing. I wish I had done it sooner. Best decision I made. I have control of my pain and I am not stuck on an addictive substance that needs a prescription from someone as seedy as that pain doc I was seeing.

  16. For your first video, this was so well done. I learned so much about you and how you are in both your professional and personal being. You are a very honest and kind person that tries to go the extra mile to help those in need and that’s very admirable.

  17. Hello there. I loved the video a lot! I have been trying to look for YouTube video similar to yours that really explains the topics in this vid! 👍Your lesson really is like the vids of this awesome medical student Doctor Ethan. Doctor Ethan's tips are helpful and I really learned a lot for my wellness! He is the helpful medical student in the UK and he talks about vaccines and medical school.

    I suggest you see his YouTube out and give Doctor Ethan a like! 👉 #DoctorEthan

  18. CBD for inflammitory based pains and THC for Nerve related pains … CBD = immune response / THC = central nervous system response . CBD = Fat @ cb2 / THC = Ions @ cb1

  19. Dr. Lam You are a Doctor who I trust before you I was in pain for 9 months with no help from the pass doctors. You know my 🏃‍♂️ with pain before you. I can honestly say you gave me hope when I had lost all hope. You respected my wish of not getting hooked on narcotics. And when you came to me about CBD oil I was reluctant to try it. I went away and thought about it for 3 months. And did my own research. I have been using CBD OILS almost a year come October. Before CBD oils the pain relief of choice for my type of pain was narcotics. Which I hated the out of the mind and body feeling. And I had the fear 😨 of been hooked on narcotics and perhaps dying from them like so many people have in the pass. Fast forward I decided to give CBD oils a try knowing I was not locked into it and having you there to monitor my pain incase it did not work for me. I can honestly say I found relief with CBD Oils with my Chronic Pain, mood swings and my relationship with others. THIS is not to say it works for everyone. It works for me, because I am not into been out of mind on narcotics or any other mind alternative substances..I prefer the release of the pain without the feeling of in another zone. With CBD Oils those feelings are not there. I can sleep without the worry of not waking up like I did with the narcotics or the fear of OD on CBD oils. Hearing people like Prince dying from those narcotics it really made me afraid and I thank you for keeping me in mind to try an alternative means for my Chronic Pain. I know too if this stops working for me I have you to help me. And I know too you are monitoring my use of CBD Oils. Thank you for sharing this video and thank you again for RX me CBD Oils as an alternative for my Chronic Pain and mood swings. Before you I was a train wrecked.. I did not like myself much… You helped me to find hope and coping skills for my Chronic Condition with no reversal to it. Thank you for that…

  20. Your videos are easy to understand and so informative! You’re the BEST Dr. Jack! If YOU tell me it’s a good brand and you trust it I am going to throw away brands that I have purchased but have not given me the results I was hoping for and switch to your recommendation!

    So TIRED of spend big bucks for epic fail results!

    Thanks again👍🏻

  21. Hi Doctor Jack! It's truly wonderful to see you. Congrats on you channel.

    I'm really grateful for your willing to share your knowledge & expertise about CBD on top of everything else you do as a doctor.

    BTW, 15 minutes with zero snoozing 😄
    I've already learned a lot especially about CBD helping not only with pain but also with the other issues induced by it like inability to sleep, anxiety, moodiness etc.. also about it having almost no side effects compared to #opiates or even over-the-counter #pain meds

    I'm looking forward to learning more from you. Maybe you could share some patient stories with CBD that you've witnessed or know of.

    One question that I have so far. What method of taking #CBD has proven most effective for pain? Pills, liquid form or some other way?

    All the best


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