Hemp Oil Nutiva Amazon & Health Benefits Review

Special note to people: This is not marijuana! Hemp seed oil does not make u high! I bought or order (www. nutiva.com ) my nutiva …


  1. $15.99 24oz Nutiva Hemp seed oil. at Swanson's Vitamins. I took 1 tablespoon morning and sometimes at night. It took care of arthritis pain. I was taking 15mg meloxicam daily. I ain't taking the pain meds no more. Cuz the hemp SEED oil works. Oh and another thing , I had a cotton wool they call it on my eye ball. It was caused from high cholesterol or plaque. Well, I make this long story short. They put me on a statin drug. I was allergic to it and caused 2 extra spots on my same eye, in June. One was hemmoraged red blood. 4 months in May 2019 I couldn't see the bottom line on eye chart. about 3 weeks ago I had my 4th eye exam. I could read the bottom line on the eye chart. Yahoo!! And all 3 spots are disappearing. I had just started the hemp seed oil in may. that was my 1 st eye exam. That showed only the plaque.This stuff works. I tried the CBD 1oz.OIL. I didn't feel it worked at all.
    Well the odds of getting the fake CBD odds are something like 7 in 10. 7 chances its fake. Im sticking to Nutiva Hemp seed oil cuz I didn't have a clue what to expect or what the heck it looks like. Its dark green with fine particles. The Nutiva hemp seed oil in the glass bottle is really clear green. I felt that wasn't as strong in taking my pain away. 24oz is the one that works for us. I can see bottom line on I chart. Before hempseed oil I couldn't see bottom line. 👀

  2. Great video nice to hear from a down to earth guy instead of some narcissists staring into the camera like he's staring at a mirror admiring himself. Anyhow ok well thanks for the video and for the education and advise.

  3. I had mine for almost 2 1/2 years refrigerated and I stopped using it because I read it can cause prosate cancer..however I was going to start using it, do you think it's still good

  4. I love this HEMP OIL! I take a shot of it every morning with a squeeze of lemon, I add it to my scalp as well and
    Wipe my face at night! I’m glowing and I feel amazing! Don’t doubt this product!

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