Strawberry banana cbd vape Cartridge from " CBD FTP "

This is my review of The 500 mg uncut CBD Vape cartridge from ” CBD for the people ” I do not sell this product. I am only giving …


  1. I know nothing about vaping…I don't even smoke anything…I mean anything. So, for my CBD customers, they educate me but I appreciate your very honest and entertaining review!

  2. LMAO. Leprechaun laughs + fairy giggles. At first, I was watching this review thinking "this guy's a lil weird," then I was thinking, "LOL I LOVE THIS GUY." You got a chill vibe.

  3. thanks dude just bought one! I had trouble understanding if the battery kit was included with the cartridge and it wasn't. So i did another seperate order and paid for the battery kit and the overnight shipping. This company is great, they were able to refund me my seperate order for the battery, and include it in my first order. That way i didn't have to pay twice for over night shipping! Great fast customer service! Thanks for your vid appreciate your insight man! Your one funny guy makes a bad day a great night!

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