1. Amazing! Great job ! I have a similar situation… greenhouse.. how often do you fertilize? I took the risk of every 2 days…. since is on soil and big pant… but I am not sure.. I need advice.. thanks!

  2. product pimping video at its worse. no viable content to make anyone smarter or learn something new. just bragging about his success, which one can have with a myriad of different nute options. outta here with this BS…

  3. Dude, that ain’t dirt. That is SOIL. Dirt you sweep off your floor. And you wouldn’t grow
    herb in THAT! Soil requires effort and money. Dirt you pay to get rid of. Soil is love.

  4. Not getting why folk are mad. He never said it was a tutorial. He told you the brand of nutrients "elevation" and showed you the branches. The trees are indeed big. If he wants to keep his bottom branches that's his choice. Keeping them or cutting them is trivial when growing outdoors. The sun moves while your indoor light doesn't hence training and removing the weaker lower branches

  5. I would love to know how much and often he feeds it and how. I know someone spends $60 a fortnight on super organic. And is 1/4 the size. I thought sunlight made the buds thick.

  6. If you call them a "freak of nature" they better be better then that… you havent been out much 😉 or ur just used to tiny buds and these seem huge to u. Lol 💚✌

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