1. Growing HEMP / CANNABIS will restore the ATMOSPHERE, rejuvenate the SOIL while boosting ECONOMY. It will heal humans, HUMANITY.

    I ask for your help GOD; – this is why FEDERAL GOVERNMENT is after me using router CenturyLink4347.

    Juicing CANNABIS will regulate humans through the ENDOCANNABINOID SYSTEM without INTOXICATING you.

    Trust is very hard when you have died and returned with a 'message' the FEDERAL GOVERNMENT 'FEARS'. – I had FACEBOOK send me INTERNET pages to fill out with my story of how THC saved my brain when I wrecked and died. I had many message me asking if I lived there because it was seen logging on WORLD WIDE.

    GOD please make the FEDERAL agent stop TERRORIZING my WI-FI / COMPUTER.

    Just what are you FEDERAL agents in KALISPELL MONTANA trying to do ?

    I have been telling the same thing for well over 10 years and you have used portable routers on me which this cripple had to learn to disable with a strong MAGNET. So then you use an old CENTURY-TEL truck using old MONTANA PRISON pinstripe jumpsuit and 'splice' my phone line.

    Stop CYBER ATTACKING me FEDERAL FELON. There should be nobody on my WI-FI in country, it does not travel MILES !

    I have been trying to tell the world that THC has been reconnecting my ENDOCANNABINOID SYSTEM that is healing my 5.5 brain injury. Words means nothing so I give this;





    There is a very special temper with no 'oxygen' at 3500F for 100 hours that TRANSITIONS.

    I do this to 'prove' that THC has been healing my 5.5 brain injury.

    ~ ENDOCANNABINOID SYSTEM ~ look it up ~

    I ask this in JESUS name, amen.

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